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Knowledge, applied research and test bench testing are at the core of RDI work on intermittent rotary units (indexers).


Laws of motion

Mathematical study of the laws of motion enables us to offer customers the smoothest and most optimised dynamics for each applicationThe main conditioning factors for selecting laws of motion are:

Total inertia and mass distribution
Motion speed and braking conditions
Emergency stop frequency
Own design

Own motion technology, with mechanical cams and the design (CAD-CAM) of all types of cams.

Globoidal cams, for high dynamics with short cycle times
Cylindrical cams for large loads in small spaces
Flat cams for oscillating movements
Durability study

Tribology of all rolling elements ensuring correct contact, wear and lubrication at all points.

Heat and surface treatment of sub-units for special applications, achieving correct, durable functioning.

Own test benches

Real-scale testing to correctly simulate the working conditions of the application at the customer’s facilities.

Sensing and monitoring of conditions to provide advice to the customer where necessary.


Own test benches

Close collaboration on European projects within the H2020 programme.

Active involvement in programmes such as Sharework (Human Robot Collaboration).

Further information
BRTA, Basque Research and Technology Alliance

Projects in collaboration with the Basque technology network.

The alliance will spearhead Basque research in Europe and the rest of the world.

Further information: BRTA

Mechatronics and monitoring


Using mechatronics techniques and combining mechanical precision and electronic control of servo motors, we increase and control the precision and repeatability of the indexer movements.

Thanks to these techniques, different accuracy ranges can be obtained for different applications.


By sensorization of the units on our own test benches we can perform real-scale simulation and monitoring of the rotary units’ working conditions.  This advantage helps us to monitor and better understand the requirements and determinants of our customers’ applications at their production facilities.

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